For many years I owned and updated the website Wackerman.com.   It was a place my kids could post drawings and poems, but never really functioned as anything but a refrigerator door on a highway.

During that time I received numerous emails from around the country from people named Wackerman, each telling me a little snip-it of their genealogy or current life.   I thought about my genealogy, and had even done some research, but didn’t have the time or interest to connect the dots that they sent and see if we were all part of an extended family.

On April 5, 2017, after seven years of writing, I published a genonovel about my branch of the Wackerman family.   If you would like more information about the book As Far As I Know…And Maybe a Little Bit More, please contact me at twacker@asti-env.com.  Maybe we can generate enough dots to connect the various Wackerman families around the country.