The Window

Part 1 Brooklyn

General Brooklyn History of Note

Beginnings, First Stanza

Civil War

Alsace, France

Building Foundations

Uncle Marty

The Maujer Street Houses

Creating the Future

Third Generation

Moneyscalp, Ireland


Moving Out

What Almost Was

What Was

Part 2 Detroit

General Detroit History of Note

Beginnings, Second Stanza

Roscomb, Ireland

Another Fire Department

Building in the City of Fire

The Detroit Houses

The Last Trolley

Final Thoughts

Part 3 Postscript

The Church in Detroit



Part 4 Other Things of Note

The Wackerman Name

Photo Credits and Notes


End Notes

Volume II

Part 5 Individual Histories

Notes on Individual Histories

Wackerman(n) Family

McGowan Family

Paczkowski (Pack) Family

P&B Wackermann Family

Gohl Family Trees

End Notes

Part 6 Research Materials

Other Wackerman(n) Families

Selected Immigration Records

Genealogy Reports

Marriage Report by Husband

Marriage Report by Wife

Parentage Report

A 200 Year Anniversary Calendar

End Notes